Maketionary allows you to create dictionaries, with different categories such as definition, translation, POS, gloss, etc. It is a collaborative tool where you can work with other people in real time. Maketionary also has multiple sorting and filtering options to make the creation of dictionaries easy.

Maketionary was made with React, Typescript, Redux,, NodeJS, MongoDB.



Conlingua is an app that allows you to generate constructed languages. You have access to different parameters to create any language you want. Besides creating a list of 2000 words, Conlingua will also generate detailed phonology tables and detailed morphological aspects such as word tense or even morphosyntactic alignment.

Conlingua was made with React and SCSS.



Flip-Flaap is a web app that allows you to create and organize flashcards to practice learning any topic that you want. Besides creating cards you can also practice learning their content. Flip-Flaap supports drag and drop to make your card organization easier! Finally, you can also use Flip-Flaap as a to do app, where you can create todos, organize them or add colors to them.

Flip-Flaap was made with React, Redux, Typescript, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, and SCSS.


Neural Network From Scratch

A neural network project from scratch in python (no library like Tensorflow or PyTorch). The goal of this project was for me to get a deeper understanding of neural networks. 100% in python.

Neural Network From Scratch was made with Python.


Research Tag Desktop

Research Tag aims at making it easy to tag answers from a survey/questionnaire (Social sciences). This is a cross-platform desktop app.

Research Tag Desktop was made with React, Tauri, Rust, SCSS.


DSF - Daily Space Facts

Daily Space Facts is a web app that give you daily facts about Besides facts, you can also find daily pictures as well as pictures from Mars (taken by Curiosity and Perseverance). All the information in the app comes from NASA.

DSF - Daily Space Facts was made with React, NodeJS, ExpressJS.