Hi there. My name is Etienne. I'm a linguist and full stack web developper. My work is driven by the desire to make accessible and functional web applications that make life easier. Although most of my experience is related to web developpement I also have some professional experience in Android development and cross platform mobile development as well.

My background in linguistics and languages allowed me to work on multiple projects that involve making languages more accessible. I worked with some indigenous communities in the United-States to make their language more accessible. I am also currently working with minority languages in France to make their online presence stronger but also to preserve them from disappearing.

You can also find more of my projects on my Github Profile.

During my free time I try to learn more on machine learning, neural networks, transformers, and GPTs. While I did follow university classes on the topic of artifical intelligence (especially related to natural language processing), it is a topic I find fascinating and I want to learn as much as possible on it.

My other interests include making music (I play several instruments but I spend most of my music time on my guitar) and hiking.

My skills